Technical & Billing Support

Check our Status Page

Our system status page is located at This page is hosted separately from all other systems and is updated with any known issues.

Please check before contacting Customer Services.


Logging in and raising a query via QiQ.Support lets us access your details and promptly resolve queries.

You can view our knowledgebase, support requests and responses. You do not need an operational email to communicate with us here.

You can pay invoices, without the need to log in here.

an Email

If you are unable to login to our online portal, please email:

Hosting & Domains
[email protected]

[email protected] 

[email protected] 

[email protected]

Email not working? You can text/SMS your query to +447937946413

Support via text message is available but for the fastest response we recommend opening a support ticket at

You can contact us by mail

QiQ Communications PTY LTD
Office 1 / 45 Ena Street

United Kingdom
QiQ Limited
Home Farm
United Kingdom

Support FAQ’s

What does Technical Support include?

Our QiQ technical support team is primarily in place to ensure your web server is up and running as intended and assist clients in successfully connecting to the server, resolving any server side issues that may occur.

Though we do not support applications that have been installed on the server by clients or the configuration of software on local PC’s, we are happy to advise if required via our ‘Best Effort’ policy.
Our ‘Best Effort Policy’ is for any issues that are not server related, and if we cannot help resolve the issue, we can then suggest a relevant third party for you to contact for further assistance.

Do you have a knowledge base?

Yes. You can view and search our knowledgebase at

How do I report abuse?

If you have an objection to the content or use of a website, you should in the first instance complain to the person or organisation that has registered the website. If this route is unsuccessful you may complain to QiQ if we are hosting the website.

You can use a WHOIS tool to find the registrant’s name and address, and the registrar associated with the domain name. They may be able to help you identify the website host.

If you believe a domain name is being used to commit a crime, please email [email protected].

How fast is QiQ support?

We aim to respond to urgent tickets (priority should be set to high within our support system) within an hour and all other tickets within 4 hours. In the event of high volumes of tickets, we alway strive to respond to all support requests within 24 hours of receipt.