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  1. .EU domains to be withdrawn for individuals and organisation based in the United Kingdom

    EURID will gradually suspend, withdraw, and inevitably revoke registrant’s domain over the below periods. Phase Period Start Period End What happens Warning Phase Dec 21st…

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  2. Redirection to a landing page following the suspension of a domain for criminal activity

    Nominet, the UK registry, has announced that if a .UK domain name is identified as being used for criminal activity Nominet will provide notice to…

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  3. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

    Here at QiQ, we send our very best wishes to everyone impacted by the virus currently troubling many people around the world. More than just…

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  4. QiQ accepts Apple Pay

    QiQ is pleased to advise that client may now pay with Apple Pay. When checking out, simply select the “Enter New Card Information” and then…

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  5. Change to .UK domain prices

    Following the annual review of pricing, the cost for a .UK domain registration or renewal will change to £7.99 per year from 2 January 2020.…

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  6. Google Chrome Vulnerabilities – take action!

    Some nasty vulnerabilities have been discovered for Google Chrome, and it’s highly recommended you update Google Chrome to ensure you are patched. This applies to…

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  7. Changes to .EU registration qualifications

    This notice outlines two significant events that will impact .EU registrants and may require action on your part: Changes to .EU registration qualifications for individuals:…

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  8. Email Configuration Support

    Following some recent queries, we have documented the support we are able to provide clients with when it comes to configuring their email applications (e.g.…

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  9. Scam Alert — Sextortion Emails

    Beware of emails from scammers who threaten to release intimate footage of you unless you pay. Sextortion emails typically blackmail the recipient by claiming to…

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  10. Email Only Hosting