Each day QiQ checks the availability of our servers once every minute, that’s 1,440 times every day for each server. The diagram above shows the result of 100,800 tests performed during this last week – and 100% uptime.

Our uptime checks are conducted from one of 60 geographic locations, and if a negative response is received, the site is rechecked from an alternative location. If this alternative location also indicates an adverse reaction, our alarm bells start ringing. In the rare instance we get an outage, our status page (qiqstatus.com) is automatically updated, so our clients know we have an issue as soon as we do.

Of course, prevention is better than cure, and we take proactive steps to keep our servers ticking over through regular monitoring and software updates. With the bulk of service failures prevented, and nearly all remaining service failures corrected within minutes, we’re very proud of our uptime statistics – and the green dots that represent this achievement.