Over recent years fewer clients have been using the RV Sitebuilder application with most clients choosing other applications, most noticeably WordPress, as their preferred content management system.

Our RV Sitebuilder licence is now coming up for renewal and while we will renew it for the next 12 months (until 31 March 2019) we will not renew it across all our servers beyond this date. With immediate effect, only existing users of RV Sitebuilder will continue to have access to it.

If, in 12 months time any clients wish to continue to use the software they will need to purchase the the yearly licence at a cost of approximately US$120. Alternatively, if users can redevelop their site without RV Sitebuilder (using WordPress for example) then no additional payment would be required.

We have emailed clients who are impacted by this change directly and if any client has any questions regarding this issue, please contact support.