Following some recent queries, we have documented the support we are able to provide clients with when it comes to configuring their email applications (e.g. Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird).

There are many different types of email client and operating system and far too many for our support personnel to understand in detail.  We can therefore only provide the information that will be required to configure the email application, and can not assist beyond general advice on getting email applications to work.

Ultimately, QiQ has responsibility for the server and ensuring the server is operating correctly we will run tests to ensure that this is the case.
Our support in helping with the configuration of email applications is therefore  limited to the following aspects:
a. Verifying that email accounts are functioning correctly on the server. We will test it is fully operational.
b. Checking that a clients IP address is not blocked by the firewall.
c. Confirming email configuration details.
d. Resetting email passwords if requested.
e. Whitelisting IP addresses temporarily while clients configure email devices.
f. Checking email access logs to see if they reveal the cause for any issue a client is facing with their email.
Any additional support to this is of a very limited nature and provided under our ‘Best Effort’ policy. Further issues with email software configuration should be referred to email software vendors and/or appropriate third party technical support companies for resolution.