EURID will gradually suspend, withdraw, and inevitably revoke registrant’s domain over the below periods.

Phase Period Start Period End What happens
Warning Phase Dec 21st 2020 EURID will directly contact the registrant warning them of their continued non-compliance
Phase #1 Jan 1st 2021 March 31st 2021 Domains will enter a SUSPENDED state. This will prevent DNS resolution, consequentially disrupting mail, web, and other services associated to the hostname. Resellers can still make the compliant changes via regular means.

EURID will no longer accept new registrations with UK based individuals and organisations.

Phase #2 April 1st 2021 January 1st 2022 Domains will enter a WITHDRAWN state. The reseller and registrant will lose the domain. A restore cost will be charged
Phase #3 January 1st 2022 Domains will become REVOKED. EURID will release the domains back into general availability at their own discretion.