QiQ is pleased to offer free SSL/TLS Domain Validation (DV) certificates automatically with all new hosting packages, providing the trusted padlock icon and HTTPS in the browser address field. The DV certificates feature a 90-day certificate which is automatically renewed upon expiry. Free certificates are being activated for all existing hosting accounts but in some instances (particularly hosting accounts created prior to 2013) may require a site to be relocated to an alternative server.

SSL encryption is beneficial for all web sites; not just those that process credit card information. Having an HTTPS address inspires trust in your web site as visitors have confidence that data is securely encrypted. In addition, SSL can benefit your search results ranking as HTTPS web sites are preferred by Google Search.

There are multiple classes of SSL/TLS certificates, with varying degrees of validation checks to help guarantee the authenticity of a given domain:

  • A Domain Validated (DV) certificate is validated against a domain registry and does not specifically identify or validate the organisation using the certificate. This is the free certificate on offer.
  • An Organization Validated (OV) certificate in contrast identifies the organisation and validates the identity against a business registry.
  • An Extended Validation (EV) provides the highest level of validation for an organisation and involves a comprehensive vetting process.

QiQ clients who wish to purchase OV and EV certificates can purchase these through direct through their hosting account cPanel.

Which certificate is best?


Our free SSL certificate is a step in the right direction, it helps secure your website and is also preferred by Google Search when they index sites.  It’s a bit like having a free hotmail email address in so much as it offers an email service but with a generic  email address. A free DV SSL certificate:

  • Offers standard SSL certificate also known as Domain Validated SSL certificate
  • Is less trusted by modern web and mobile browsers
  • Highly recommended to informative or blogging websites
  • It’s valid for 90 days since an issue of the certificate. However, need to reissue and re-install after 90 days.
  • Displays HTTPS
  • No wildcard certificates

Purchased OV or EV SSL certificates

Paying a little extra can deliver enhanced benefits when selecting an SSL certificate. A purchase OV or EV SSL can provide:

  • A higher level of assurance SSL certificate than DV SSL
  • Highly trusted in all modern web and mobile browsers
  • Modern encryption technology to encrypt end-to-end information from browsers to the server.
  • OV SSL and EV SSL certificate are suitable for business websites including e-commerce stores
  • Business Name Displays on certificate details (for OV & EV SSL)
  • Displays HTTPS + Green Address Bar + Business Name in Address Bar (for EV SSL)
  • Signal of trust in form of static and dynamic trust seal
  • Multi-year purchase option is available for 1 year, 2 years or 3 years.

How to upgrade a certificate

If a QiQ client wishes to purchase a certificate:

  1. Log in to your hosting account cPanel.
  2. Select SSL/TLS Wizard from the menu and follow the prompts.

Alternatively, select SSL/TLS Status from the menu to view and if preferred, upgrade your free certificate.

For details on the best way to secure a site with SSL, this Google resource may be of help. In addition, WordPress users may find the Really Simple SSL plugin of benefit.