QiQ does not frequently send marketing messages but we would like to share a quick update on some of the things we’ve been doing over the last few months.
New Servers
Over the last few months, we have upgraded our servers to meet our goal of always running currently supported software. When server software reaches its end of life a new server has to be commissioned and sites transferred to the new infrastructure. Thankfully we have done this many times over the years and consequently, the transfers were, in the main, smooth and uneventful. Thank you for your patience while this necessary work was completed.
Our new servers also now benefit from the Acronis backup system (in case of a catastrophic server failure) and an attack threat monitoring system to proactively identify issues before they become significant.
New Spam Prevention
One limitation of shared hosting is that email sent from any account on the shared hosting can potentially cause the server IP address to be blacklisted impacting all users. We have invested in new software that automates the monitoring of outgoing email. In the unlikely event, an account is flagged for sending potential bulk spam, the potentially offending emails are temporarily paused until reviewed. When it comes to email blacklists, prevention is swifter than cure!
If you ever need to send a bulk email we strongly recommend that services designed for this purpose are used. For instance, Mailchimp offers a free mailing service for up to 2,000 contacts. Alternatively, please let me know if you may be interested in your own dedicated server.
New Status Page
We have updated our status page at status.qiq.host. This page is hosted externally so in the event of any system issue, it will continue to display. Clients are welcome to subscribe to outage notifications by clicking the green alarm bell icon in the top right corner of the screen.
New Special Offer
Our existing clients are always welcome to utilise the promotional code ‘RECOM09‘ when ordering web hosting to benefit from a 20% discount on a new web hosting package for the first year. However, until 30 April 2021, we will double this to a 40% discount. Please pass this news to your family, friends and colleagues. All our packages and domains can be viewed and ordered at www.qiq.host
Following the UK’s departure from the EU we have reviewed our VAT registrations and as a result, will no longer be charging VAT in European markets. Despite offering a digital service, this is possible as our turnover in European countries is below the VAT registration thresholds. We have however decided to keep our prices predominantly unchanged so clients will continue to pay around the same price for our services. We have taken this decision as our costs continue to increase, specifically, by adopting to use industry-standard software (cPanel and WHMCS) we have witnessed some large increases to our cost base – over 349% for our WHMCS licences this year alone and a similar amount for cPanel licensing. We have never aimed to offer cheap hosting but we remain committed to representing excellent value for money. GST will continue to be charged in Australia.
Other News
Just a reminder that, between these (very) periodic newsletters, you can keep up with what’s happening at QiQ by following our Twitter Feed and our newsroom.
Thank you
Finally, I would like to say a big thank you for being a part of the QiQ family, your custom is genuinely appreciated.
Best wishes,
Peter C Harris
Managing Director
QiQ® Global Hosting Solutions