Beware of emails from scammers who threaten to release intimate footage of you unless you pay.

Sextortion emails typically blackmail the recipient by claiming to have hacked their computer and gained access to a webcam which captured intimate footage of them while visiting a website with pornographic content.

The email may look legitimate—scammers can use ‘spoofing’ to make the email appear to be from your own account, or they may include a password that you recognise.

This is a scam—your computer has not been hacked and there is no footage. The password was sourced from previous data leaks published online.

What should you do if you’re sent a sextortion email?

Do not pay the scammer.

If you still use the password, change it immediately.

To check if your email account has been breached go to

Read more about sextortion scams on the eSafety website:…/blog/beware-the-sextortion-scam