We are pleased to share details of an upcoming Right of Registration promotion, giving the opportunity for rights-holders to benefit from a Two-Year FREE registration on reserved .uk domains.

When the .uk domain was launched on 10 June 2014 the UK Registry, Nominet, reserved the rights for many existing customers owning a .co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk, .net.uk, .plc.uk or .ltd.uk to their equivalent .uk domain.

Rights to these reserved .uk domain names expire on 10 June 2019 and Nominet are keen to ensure that all rights holders are made aware that they have a right and can make an informed decision on registering the domain name ahead of the end of the reservation period.

Nominet have advised us that “The upcoming promotion is a great way to let rights holders know they are entitled to an equivalent .uk domain, as well as offering them the chance to register this for two years free with no registration fee” and we are pleased to pass these savings on to our customers. Details of the upcoming promotion:

  • The offer is ‘Two-Years Free Registration for Reserved .uk Domains’.
  • One-year registrations will be charged and longer term registrations will automatically be entitled to the first two years’ free promotional offer.
  • The promotion will be available throughout the months of July, August and September 2017.

We are providing early notice of this promotion so anyone thinking of purchasing a .UK domain is aware of the potential savings by waiting until July to place an order.