WordPress Hosting

Released in 2003, WordPress now powers over 30% of all websites. The ease and speed at which a WordPress site can be deployed have led to the popularity of this flexible platform.

Many WordPress sites reside on standard shared web hosting. However, as a site grows in popularity WordPress presents significant challenges when speed and performance are required and resources need to be managed amongst a number of users.

It is these challenges that have led to QiQ sourcing some of the best WordPress hosting available. We recognise you have a business to run or a blog post to write and the last thing you need to worry about is managing the technology behind your WordPress installs.

If your WordPress site is mission-critical, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

Our WordPress servers utilise technology fine-tuned to get your pages displayed faster and utilising server resources in an efficient manner. Try it for yourself to see the difference a WordPress optimised hosting environment can make to your site.

  • Wordpress Pro
    50GB of disk space
  • AUD$$3000per month, paid yearly
  • Wordpress Auto Install: Yes
  • Bandwidth: Unmeasured
  • Hosting Control Panel: Yes
  • Email addresses: 9999
  • Auto responders: 9999
  • Mailing lists: 9999
  • Email forwarders: 9999
  • Webmail: Yes
  • Spam Filters: Yes
  • Authenticated SMTP Relay: Yes
  • PHP Version: 5/7
  • mySQL 500MB Database: 1
  • SSL Certificate: Additional Charge
  • Extended Email Accounts: Additional Charge
  • 30 day money back guarantee: Yes
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Prices exclude 10% GST which will be added on checkout when hosting is purchased in Australia.
VAT is not charged in the UK or Europe.
Minimum 12 month term.

QiQ WordPress Hosting features

Install WordPress in just seconds

Get the latest version installed on your site with just one click. No need to download or upload files, set up databases, or change permissions – just the power of this popular software right at your fingertips.

WordPress also makes it easy to transfer over your existing site. Your posts, images, files, themes, and plug-ins can be quickly exported from your existing site and imported into your brand new site.

Customisation made easy

inSites provides convenient visitor customisation according to rules you set. Personalise your website based on how customers find you, where they are located, what day or time it is, and more. Change page information, add special offers, identify visitors based on campaigns, show local details, or customise your site any way you want.

High Spec Hardware

We use only the latest hardware on our servers for superior reliability and performance, including the latest Intel technology to ensure fast processing, responsiveness, and reliability.

Load balancers distribute web traffic evenly across our clusters, keeping your site unaffected by high traffic and peak times, and the latest MariaDB database servers provide fast and effective databases that scale easily for a fast and responsive WordPress website.

The speed you need

We provide solid-state disks as well as using Dell CacheCade for fast response times around the clock.

We also know every microsecond is important, which is why our data centre is part of a high-speed network with direct connections to muliple exchanges across the world.

Rock Solid Network

Our network is based on the very latest Cisco architecture. We have multiple 10Gigabit connections to the internet with different backbone providers. In the event that a router fails, another router will start advertising its prefixes and take over, meaning that we’re highly unlikely to lose connectivity to the internet and have vast reserves of bandwidth even when operating at full capacity.

Generous Allocations

Tired of getting charged for pageview counts or overage fees? Our packages have generous disk and bandwidth allocations.

WordPress Hosting FAQ’s

Why should I choose QiQ managed WordPress hosting?

We bring years of extensive WordPress hosting experience and have created finely-tuned servers & data centers designed to optimise your WordPress instance. In addition, every WordPress hosting environment is fully covered by our around the clock support

What does QiQ manage on my WordPress site?

Our WordPress experts will deliver best-in-class full support of your core WordPress installation and the server infrastructure that supports your WordPress site.