WordPress Optimised Hosting

One in five websites are powered by WordPress. The ease and speed at which a WordPress site can be deployed has lead to the popularity of this flexible platform.

Many WordPress sites reside on standard shared web hosting. However, as a site grows in popularity WordPress presents significant challenges when speed and performance are required and resources need to be managed amongst a number of users.

It is these challenges that have led to QiQ sourcing some of the best WordPress specific hosting available. We recognise you have a business to run or a blog post to write and the last thing you need to worry about is managing the technology behind your WordPress installs – so leave that to us.

Our WordPress servers utilise technology fine tuned to get your pages displayed faster and utilising server resources in an efficient manner. Try it for yourself to see the difference a WordPress optimised hosting environment can make to your site.

  • 10GB
    Up to 2 WordPress sites
  • £2998per month
  • 400 GB Bandwidth
  • 15GB
    Up to 3 WordPress Sites
  • £4497per month
  • 600 GB Bandwidth

Prices exclude VAT/GST which will be added at checkout at the prevailing rate for your location.

QiQ WordPress Hosting features

Free Migrations

Our  migration team will carefully move your existing WordPress sites to QiQ so you don’t have to.

Lightning Fast Page Load Speed

Unbeatable performance. We’ve optimised our platform for quick page loads, meaning more conversions and more success for your business.

Solid State Storage

For WordPress Hosting we supply Solid State Storage Technology to provide unmatched hard drive performance. Our Solid State Drives (SSD) offer I/O rates and access times that are impossible to achieve with a disk-based system. These drives are ideal for high availability WordPress installations because I/O wait times and bottlenecks are virtually eliminated, allowing server processing power and bandwidth to be fully utilised.

Automatic Core & Plugin Updates

Security is paramount. With Automatic Updates enabled, your WordPress install stays secure.

WP-CLI Included

Command line access to WordPress is helpful for more advanced developers. We have pre-installed it on all of our Managed WordPress plans.

User friendly support

Our support team is available around the clock to answer any questions you may have about your domains, including assistance with any custom configuration options.

Our WordPress Hosting Technology


Memcached is a distributed, high-performance, in-memory caching system that is primarily used to speed up sites that make heavy use of databases. Managed WordPress utilizes Memcached to provide incredibly fast server responses and to reduce load times.

HipHop VM

PHP is the backbone of WordPress; if PHP is faster, then WordPress is faster. HipHop VM (HHVM) is a virtual machine specifically designed as an execution engine for PHP. Originally written by PHP enthusiasts at Facebook, HHVM provides unmatchable PHP execution speeds.

Mod Pagespeed

Making your site load faster shouldn’t be a hassle; enter mod_pagespeed. Developed by Google, mod_pagespeed is an Apache module that automatically applies web performance best practices to your WordPress installation.

WordPress Hosting FAQ’s

Why should I choose QiQ managed WordPress hosting?

We bring years of extensive WordPress hosting experience and have created finely-tuned servers & data centers designed to optimise your WordPress instance. In addition, every WordPress hosting environment is fully covered by our around the clock support

What does QiQ manage on my WordPress site?

Our WordPress experts will deliver best-in-class full support of your core WordPress installation and the server infrastructure that supports your WordPress site.

How fast will my pages load?

If you’re looking for performance, your search is over.

To maximize performance, our Managed WordPress Hosting environments use CentOS 7, Maria DB, PHP/HHVM, and Apache. We’ve also installed Pagespeed and use Memcached out of the box to speed up your site.

What security do you have in place?

It’s important to keep your data safe and secure on your WordPress site. Our Managed WordPress Hosting environments are protected by a custom CSF firewall. In addition, SSLs are configured and turned on by default.